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At Jay Hancock Real Estate, we proudly showcase the region's most exceptional properties with a masterful touch, harnessing cutting-edge technologies for unparalleled service. Our commitment to providing ultimate privacy and security, combined with unmatched speed and efficiency, defines our approach. With a wealth of full-time experience spanning several years, we possess an intimate understanding of the motivations and perspectives of both home buyers and sellers, underpinned by an in-depth knowledge of the local real estate landscape.

In addition to our real estate expertise, we also have an accomplished executive assistant who plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of our services. Our executive assistant's duties include:

Administrative Support: Managing schedules, appointments, and communications to optimize workflow and facilitate efficient interactions between clients and our real estate professionals.

Client Liaison: Serving as a point of contact for clients, ensuring that their inquiries are promptly addressed and that their needs are met throughout the real estate process.

Document Management: Handling documentation related to property transactions, contracts, and agreements, ensuring accuracy and compliance with legal requirements.

Data Management: Maintaining databases and records of properties, buyers, and sellers to assist in the smooth progression of real estate transactions.

Marketing Assistance: Assisting in the creation and dissemination of marketing materials to promote our listings and services effectively.

Research and Analysis: Conducting research on market trends and property values, providing valuable insights to our team and clients.

Tech Support: Collaborating with our technology specialists to ensure that our innovative tools and systems are optimized for the benefit of our clients.

Our executive assistant plays an integral role in supporting our mission to provide top-tier real estate services, and their dedication contributes to our comprehensive understanding of the local real estate landscape and the needs of our valued clients.

Meet the Team

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Jay Hancock

Real Estate Agent

Throughout my extensive tenure in real estate, I've ascended to the role of a prominent powerbroker in the twin cities. My expertise spans a diverse array of real estate transactions, encompassing both residential and commercial markets...

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Ashley Champagne

Real Estate Agent

Ashley is the Executive Assistant and licensed MN REALTOR® to the Jay Hancock Real Estate team. With her years of real estate experience, she guides our clients throughout the process of selling or purchasing their home...